Modern business leaders are increasingly using coaches to assist them with the direction they need in achieving their own personal and business goals. Below are a few questions to help people who have not experienced the power of coaching.

Question 1: Why should I use a coach?

A coach will spot your strengths (that you have probably taken for granted or are blind too) and by using coaching methods you will also recognise these strengths and explore how you can use them to your advantage.

You will get in touch with your own natural motivations and ambitions and discover areas and opportunities you weren’t aware of before.

Question 2: How does it work?

A coach will work with you in a structured way to help you build an objective platform and set realistic, achievable actions to assist in your progression and reach your own targets.

All coaching is completely discreet and totally confidential.

Question 3: Does it mean that I am weak or failing?

No, in fact, the total opposite.

We all accept that professional sportsmen and women have their own coaches otherwise they would not be on the top of their game.  We also except that if you want that perfect body or level of fitness, we need coaching at the gym or a diet coach at Weight Watchers!

Just like a professional athlete, coaching helps successful business people get to the top of their game.

Question 4: I have never used a coach before, so why now?

Our clients use our coaching sessions in different ways and for various reasons.  This can be from building a business strategic growth plan, embedding training, supporting managers to be effective team players, or to a client who once said: “It’s just so nice to talk to somebody about my work who is not my wife.”  All reasons are valid!

One-to-one coaching is, by far, the fastest area of growth and we have numerous clients who hold various management role on different levels.  It is so important to many of our clients that their staff are personally funding their own coaching programme.

Question 5: But what if it does not feel right for me?

Coaching is not for everyone.  That’s a fact.  It also depends on who you choose as your coach.  You need somebody who you can work with and who understands your unique pressures.  Although not absolutely necessary, it helps if they understand the unique culture of the business sector.

In summary, by using a coaching programme, you will be investing in giving yourself and your business the best possible chance for long-term success.

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